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Quality Connections has been helping people with disabilities become independent, productive members of society since 1999.

Helping the entire community, one life at a time.

Quality Connections is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Flagstaff, Arizona. We help individuals with disabilities become independent, productive members of our community by providing them with employment opportunities, job training, and practical life learning programs. Helping put people to work isn't just great for the individuals who benefit, it's also great for the community.

We do it because it is good for the person.

No one's limitations should define their quality of life. We empower people by restoring their sense of independence.

A disability or disadvantage should not keep a person from becoming an independent, productive member of society. We help enhance the personal and professional life experiences of each individual we work with at Quality Connections. By offering opportunities for life enrichment and employment, we create an atmosphere of trust and reinforce a strong support system.

We do it because it is good for the community.

By helping reduce people's dependency on public assistance, we are helping to reduce the burder on the entire community.

When you provide someone with the support and opportunity they need to become independent and productive, you are effectively helping reduce their need for public assistance and therefore helping to turn a tax consumer into a tax payer. The economic impact isn't just great for the individual who benefits, it is great for the entire community.

We do it because it is good for the environment.

Our disabled workforce is helping to provide environmentally sustainable office supply products.

We aren't just socially responsible; we are environmentally conscious, too. In addition to providing employment training and support, we also provide our workers with the opportunity to improve the sustainability of the community. From recycling old toner cartridges that would otherwise end up in a landfill, to helping to sell and deliver environmentally-friendly cleaning products to our office supply customers, our employees are helping the community - and the environment - in a big way.


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